Tears, Fears, Anger and Rage…

These are all emotions our kids (and often adults) don’t know how to manage yet.

The question is…

“Do YOU Have Strategies To Teach Your Children How To Regulate Their Emotions?”

Don’t get me wrong…

It’s okay if you don’t.  Because the fact is these skills aren’t taught to everyone.

That’s why Brad has a passion to share the tools, tips and strategies he’s learned from doing a Bachelor, an Honours Degree, and a Masters in Psychology (plus all the constant studying of personal and professional development information and the one-on-one counselling he’s done over the last 20 years) with people who want to move forward, feel better and create more loving relationships with their family members.

Now, being able to recognise and break through emotional problems (and support our loved ones to do the same) is a big part of making every day easier and ultimately happier.  So, if you, your partner or your children have ever experienced doubt, fear, worry, anger, fear or powerlessness… this is course is one you should have as part of your parenting resources and toolkit.

What you Get by Enrolling

You will be able to get instant access to this 1 hour course and some added bonuses you can download to help keep you on track.

Plus, some of the great tools, tips and strategies you’ll get include:

The Emotional Scale

This is one of the best and easiest tools I have come across to help you quickly recognise how you are feeling, and then start moving towards the better feeling emotions.

Understand Emotions

Once you understand and comprehend this concept, you will be able to manage and control your emotions with more certainty, consistency and control.

The Volume Control

The Volume Control is a great way to learn to regulate your emotions using a very simple analogy that even your young children will be able to understand.

Emotion VS Logic

You will never again make a decision without being able to know why you are doing it.  You will also be able to recognise why your loved ones are behaving the way they are.

The NOPS Formula

When you know this little strategy, frustration and anger becomes so much easier to manage.  Plus, it helps you to see learning new things as fun instead of being “too hard.”

Emotions & Intelligence

Knowing this concept, you will be able to identify common triggers that cause emotional outbursts and then respond in a calm manner instead of reacting.

Become an expert when it comes to your emotions

We always recommend you learn the skills for yourself and then teach them to your children.  And this is no different.  Once you are able to master your emotions, you’ll be able to lead by example (and the fact is our kids watch what we do more than they do what we say).  So, there’s no time like the present to get started…


If you have questions we haven’t answered below, you can always contact us on 0458360666 any time and our friendly staff will make sure you get the support you need.

Will this work for my family?

The short answer is YES.  The tools, tips and strategies Brad shares have been tried and tested with countless clients from all walks of life (mums, dads, grandparents, teachers, guidance counsellors, other psychologists, administration assistants, sales people, surgeons, trades people, etc) throughout Brad’s 18 years as a psychologist.

How often do you release new content?

This course is a stand-alone course to allow you to get what you need right now.  But if you want access to more content, we have many other courses available and we also offer a Platinum Membership which has full access to all our courses including new content we are adding weekly.

What if I get stuck?

Here at On Track Parenting our purpose is to empower you.  So, if at any stage you feel like you require further support, you can always contact us by email us or phone and one of our friendly staff will do their best to support you.

Are the tools, tips and strategies easy?

Here at On Track Parenting one of the philosophies we live by is the KISS principle – and you’ve probably heard it before… but how we share it is:  Keep It Simple Smart. Plus, when Brad was doing his Masters Degree, his mentor told him he should be able to reduce his entire thesis down to 1 sentence.  So, he has gotten very good at making things simple and clear.

What ages do the On Track Parenting concepts suit?

So far, these concepts have worked for parents with:

  • toddlers
  • primary aged kids
  • pre-teens and teens
  • adolescents and even
  • adult children they are still trying to support

And, we have had great feedback that they have worked for expectant mums, grandparents, and teachers (just to name a few) as well.

Recognising and Breaking Through Emotional Problems

Get control of your emotions today by enrolling in this course so you can get a deep understanding of the knowledge not many people have. And then you can start creating the change you want for yourself and your family.

Do You Want Access to All this Knowledge and SO MUCH MORE?

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FACT IS: "It's not a matter of IF life will throw obstacles and hurdles at you... it's WHEN."

And more than that, if you don't have the strategies in place to cope (and bounce back), then you WILL find yourself struggling to some extent.

You see... I have counselled people from all walks of life (surgeons, managers, truck drivers, sales executives, miners, accountants, teachers, nurses, administrative assistants, students, etc) and the one thing that remains the same is they are all just normal people trying to live a happy and fulfilled life but something went wrong in their career, relationships, health or finances.

The thing is, because they didn't have the skills ingrained into their subconscious (by the way most people don't) they found themselves lost, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, angry or powerless.

And throughout my years of counselling, I've come to realise one of the best lines of defence for protecting yourself in all the big areas of life (career, relationships, health and finances) is to create and implement a self-care plan.

That's why when COVID19 started to dramatically change the way we live and interact, I realised it was my duty to guide people through putting their own self-care plans together so you can not just survive but even find a way to thrive now and post-COVID.

So, please... before you leave, take a moment to reconsider how much your wellbeing can mean to you.

Now I have been working in the field for 20 years now and I can assure you there is no better thing you can do for yourself and your family then to make sure you make the time to take care of yourself.  After all, as someone once said, "if you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.

Check out the reasons why you should get started at the bottom of the page, or contact us directly to get your questions answered by email: info@ontrackparenting.com , phone: 0458360666 , or at our Facebook page: www/facebook.com/synergymindsolutions

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