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As caring parents, the most important thing is knowing your kids are happy and healthy, right?

And the scariest part of being a caring parent is you feel the pressure to make sure they are happy, healthy and confident.

That’s why we’ve designed courses to empower you with the tools to make your parenting journey easier and more effective.

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Our Platinum Membership is for parents who recognise the value of having constant support and solutions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and for 365 days of the year.  Why?  Because they want to be able to get quality answers at any time of the day or night. Plus they believe in staying on the cutting edge of being the best parent they can be at all times.

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Understanding is the Key to Solving Problems

We must understand that we’re all playing in this game called life. And in the game there will be winners and losers. The thing is… there are certain principles you want to understand to give you a competitive advantage so you (and your loved ones) can be at the winners’ table. That’s what the tools in this course will give you – the competitive advantage.

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Behaviour Problems and Tools to Instantly Start Getting the Results You Want

Does Dealing With Repetitive Bad Behaviour Drive You To Your Breaking Point? Let’s say our child has become very moody lately and we are getting a lot of tantrums, snide remarks, sneakiness, lies and even “I HATE YOU!” comments… well if you are anything like us, it would probably wear you down and make you feel like a lousy parent. But, the truth is if you are here looking for better ways to parent, then you are obviously a very caring parent trying to do your best. And, what’s more, you probably just need some new tools, tips and strategies to help you reconnect with your loved one so you can break through this difficult stage.

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The Big Problem - Lack of Clarity and How to Resolve it

Throughout this course, you will gain absolute clarity to overcome anxiety, fear and other negative emotions.  You’ll also discover the super simple success formula you can use to guide your family to bigger and brighter results. Plus, you will learn the power of focus and the difference between default thinking or focused thinking.  Find out how you can make your life so much easier by using these strategies to think clearer, smarter and faster today.

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Energy Problems and How to Find Your Spark Again

Everything is energy. In fact, quantum physics now proves this is true. And since everything starts in the mind, you want to tap into the power of the right mindset to help you feel great and get what you want with less effort.

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3 Powerful and Practical Tools for Solving Problems Today

If you want to have more confidence and certainty, these 3 tools are a must-have for your parenting toolkit. You’ll be able to use these easy quick-reference tools to give you a secure framework to solve any issue that comes up. And, the best part is because they are so simple, you will be able to share them with your partner, extended family, your kids, your friends and anyone else you think would like to solve problems easily.

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Problems are the Stepping Stones to Bigger and Brighter Things!

Let’s face it… Parenting = Problems

Heck! Truth is Life = Problems!

That’s why we offer you a new way to look at problems and (better still) proven life skills so you can take calm and confident control when problems come up.

This course is the first in the series designed to build one on top of tpl

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Recognising and Managing Mindset Problems

Statistics show that 1 in 7 Australian children aged between 4 and 17 experience a mental health condition such as depression and anxiety. Plus, due to the increased amount of time they are spending locked into screens and not making eye contact, their ability to recognise how others feel has decreased. And, because we know every caring parent wants their kids to be happy, healthy and confident we know the skills you will learn in this course are critical to the health and wellbeing of your family.

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The Secret to Solving People Problems

Unconscious Behaviours Are Learned From Our Parents.  This may seem like a pretty obvious statement, but the behaviours I’m talking about are the ones we don’t even think about and are so ingrained we only realise we are doing them IF we are looking for them.
But don’t get me wrong…  I’m sure there are many positive behaviours you learned as well.  The thing is they don’t hurt the other person (or yourself) and they are the habits you want to keep doing. What we do here at On Track Parenting is provide you with the tools, tips and strategies to improve your relationships and get better results by fixing the root cause of the problems.

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Recognising and Breaking Through Emotional Problems

Tears, Fears, Anger and Rage…
These are all emotions our kids (and often adults) don’t know how to manage yet. The fact is these skills aren’t taught to everyone. But being able to recognise and break through emotional problems (and support our loved ones to do the same) is a big part of making every day easier and ultimately happier. So, if you, your partner or your children have ever experienced doubt, fear, worry, anger, fear or powerlessness… this is course is one you should have as part of your parenting resources and toolkit.  Get control of your emotions today by enrolling in this course so you can get a deep understanding of the knowledge not many people know, and then you can start creating the change you want for yourself and your family.

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The Secret to Quicker Problem-Solving and Lasting Results

Are you tired of going around in circles seeing the same problems over and over again? Well, the best way to make sure you don’t get stuck in a constant cycle with any problem is to get to the root cause and fix it properly so you can nip the issue in the bud early.

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The Magic of Implementation

How often have you learned something new and thought it would be really useful… only to get back to work, home or study and find you get caught up and never put the new “something” into practise?

Let me reassure you that you are not alone. Everyone has done this at some point. Because the fact is we often don’t have any strategies to help us take action.

Well, that’s the gap that “The Magic of Implementation” bridges.

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Free Resources

We also offer lots of free resources to complement all the parenting courses offered here because we want your happiness as much as you do. You can download inspirational quotes and practical infographics from www.ontrackparenting.com and you can follow us on Facebook to see our weekly parenting tips too.

Premium Family Makeovers

Does your family need a complete makeover to keep you all together and enjoying each other’s company.  Well, the best way to do that is to organise an intensive Family Makeover Package where Brad and Monique will work with your family directly to bring back the love and respect you have been missing.  Find out more by calling 0458360666 today.

Each On Track Parenting course is designed to provide you with tools, tips and strategies that make parenting easier and more effective so you can enjoy more love, respect and happiness too.

Whether you are interested in just one or all of the courses, we offer the training you never got in 1 hour sessions you can watch anytime and at your own pace.

So, find your perfect course and get started today.  Or call us now on 0458360666 to speak to one of our friendly staff so you can get the right support specifically suited to you.

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FACT IS: "It's not a matter of IF life will throw obstacles and hurdles at you... it's WHEN."

And more than that, if you don't have the strategies in place to cope (and bounce back), then you WILL find yourself struggling to some extent.

You see... I have counselled people from all walks of life (surgeons, managers, truck drivers, sales executives, miners, accountants, teachers, nurses, administrative assistants, students, etc) and the one thing that remains the same is they are all just normal people trying to live a happy and fulfilled life but something went wrong in their career, relationships, health or finances.

The thing is, because they didn't have the skills ingrained into their subconscious (by the way most people don't) they found themselves lost, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, angry or powerless.

And throughout my years of counselling, I've come to realise one of the best lines of defence for protecting yourself in all the big areas of life (career, relationships, health and finances) is to create and implement a self-care plan.

That's why when COVID19 started to dramatically change the way we live and interact, I realised it was my duty to guide people through putting their own self-care plans together so you can not just survive but even find a way to thrive now and post-COVID.

So, please... before you leave, take a moment to reconsider how much your wellbeing can mean to you.

Now I have been working in the field for 20 years now and I can assure you there is no better thing you can do for yourself and your family then to make sure you make the time to take care of yourself.  After all, as someone once said, "if you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.

Check out the reasons why you should get started at the bottom of the page, or contact us directly to get your questions answered by email: info@ontrackparenting.com , phone: 0458360666 , or at our Facebook page: www/facebook.com/synergymindsolutions

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